The Lightmaker – Ian Bibby

Lightmaker Ian Bibby is a genuine UK designer, creator and manufacturer of original task lighting including unique solutions for desk lighting, floor standing lighting and lighting for art, all designed and engineered for very long-life using energy efficient LED technology.

With in depth experience The Lightmaker creates designer lighting solutions with a unique understanding of changing lighting technologies and has created modern floor standing lights, task lights and desk lighting for use as serious reading lights and designer floor lamps.

Why Customers Buy The Lightmakers Lighting Solutions

Designed and made for use in your home, business, art, and architecture Lightmaker completes a solution that offers affordable, incredible lights that are efficient, will save you money by comparison with other lights and The Lightmakers lights are built to the highest quality, in the UK to last and provide infinite pleasure.

All experience has been invested in creating task lights and task lighting which has original concepts using ergonomics to rethink adjustment and manipulation of light. Direction, intensity, colour rendition and beam angle are all important considerations.

Task Lights

Task lights with very high colour rendition enable accurate perception of colour and contrast without eye strain and make The Lightmaker task lights suitable for young and old alike. The reading task lights such as Flor Light Squirter address such issues with clarity and simplicity.

Bag Light Squirter is an example of a companion reading light which can be placed easily in virtually any position including the arm of your chair or even your lap. Electrically safe very low voltage and cool running can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand.

Flor Standing Light Squirter is a task light designed for use alongside a piece of furniture such as a desk or chair. It can also be used as a display task light for lighting antiques and art. Practical because it can be moved easily to suit the task in hand and intensity controlled with a simple dimming control.

From the Lightmaker

Lightmaker says “We like to create task lights which have a sense of purpose, are discreet, practical and have a unique look of quality because they are manufactured and assembled using traditional quality materials. The quality of British and made in England”.