TUBI Light Squirter

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TUBI Light Squirter designed to be mobile and fully adjustable to illuminate and spot light from a desktop, table top, bedside or shelf space. It is a task light designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality materials.

The LED can be replaced when and if required though it is unlikely that this would be needed as the LED used is designed to have a lifetime of many many years. TUBI is only 3 watts and yet generates in excess of 400 lumens with a medium beam angle, ideal for most tasks, even for craftwork. TUBI has a dimmer switch control to alter the light level to a suitable level for the task in hand.

Move it move it, I like to move it. Ergonomically designed to make adjustment really simple by rotating and positioning the light sphere on its conical friction cup to point in any direction required. No joints and awkward two handed positioning required. Use on a shelf, coffee table or bedside furniture. Cool running but creating a warm white light with the quality of mid day sunshine and brilliant colour rendition to see real colours across the spectrum and known as high CRI.

The light sphere is made from real marine grade stainless steel and is polished to a chromium like finish which is great to handle. It fits into the palm of your hand for really easy positioning.

Tubi will arrive to you packed in a neat tube ready to take out and use.

Size and Technical Info.

3 Watt 3000K LED

Min 400 Lumens RA90

Height 170mm

Lead length Min 2 Metres with In line switch and dimmer control

Plug/Power Supply 110V – 230V 50 Hz Choose from Interfaces supplied to match to Country of use outlet

1 review for TUBI Light Squirter

  1. Jim Chapman

    Hi Ian

    I received my Tubi Lightsquirter.

    It arrived in good order the packaging was robust and kept it safe from damage.

    I found it to be very well manufactured and is a piece of art in its own right, very tactile.

    Its function very impressive the Led is bright and ideal for lighting artwork. also the dimmer is good and easy to use getting the right amount of light on the subject.

    The stand is very easy to use to get that important light direction.

    Being Led its very economical.

    The concept is very simple and inventive and should be an asset to any home.

    Jim Chapman

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